Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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Imagine going to bed tonight with NO more snoring, and getting a super deep 9 hr sleep you really deserve after a long day of work. This is a professional, doctor-recommended anti-snoring device. There is nothing like Soft Anti snore Mouthpiece  on the market. No prescription required and results guaranteed. Sold out for months, Soft Anti snore Solution Mouthpiece is now finally available to purchase here. 


Simple to use and comfortable, they are made with soft medical grade silicone, odor and BPA free. Designed to be invisible, with only a thin silicone strip exposed while wearing

due to high demand it may up 3 weeks  to arrive  

No More Snoring
Super-Comfortable Fit
Medical Grade Material
30 Day Returns

stop snoring mouthpiece

The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece works for 85% of snoring sufferers. These safe and effective stop snoring aids work by naturally opening your throat and keeping the airway unobstructed for quiet and restful sleep. This product works for both men and women, young or old. Made from a soft flexible food grade EVA plastic, it can also help with teeth grinding. Sleep better than you have in years.

Why it works:

Snoring is usually caused by a partial obstruction of the upper airway behind the tongue. When we're awake, our breathing is unobstructed as our body consciously keeps our upper airway open. But when we're asleep, the muscles around our airway relax, and the airway often becomes narrower. For most people who snore, air rushing through the narrowed opening causes the soft tissue in this part of the upper airway to vibrate, making the sound of what we call "snoring". The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece offers a natural, physical solution without surgery or medication. This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If Stop Snore dosn't provide you with the relief you seek, let us know for a full refund.

This product is not meant to replace or substitute for the recommendations or advice of your physician or health care provider and should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.  Contact your health care provider to see if this snoring solution is right for you.





Best idea ever!

It took a little bit of getting used to. I wore it everyday, for about 1 hour for a week and then all night, on the day I got it. The first night I wore it, it worked! It took a good week but I don't even think about it anymore. In fact, sometimes I knock it off, and I wake up and put right back on! CPAP's are for people who stop breathing while they sleep. I did not, I just snored constant, no matter what position I was laying in. No sterilizing, just clean like your teeth. IT STOPPED ME SNORING. Without the cost of the sleep study, and the cost of a CPAP machine and it fits in my purse! Your CPAP can't! I sleep better and since I started using this device, I have not had a sinus infection, sinus headache or a cold. It makes your sinuses do their job. I highly recommend it to anyone who does not stop breathing when they snore! I don't get shoved anymore in my sleep either!

Steve D
Wife has retired her ear plugs!

It works! My wife has complained for years about my snoring, and lately says I have been gasping and snorting, sure signs of sleep apnea. We have an extended camping trip with our kids and grandkids coming up and so I decided it was time for apnea testing. Come to find out there was a 5 month lag time for openings at our local sleep lab! So, in desperation I ordered this bizarre little tongue-sucking device. Instant, total cure. My wife has retired her ear plugs, I can go camping without fear of disturbing all my neighbors. It took me a couple of nights to get used to the device, but I hardly notice it now. I notice an improvement of sleep quality. I dream more, which means I am getting more REM sleep. It may not work for everyone but I am one happy camper!


I wish I could give the people that make this product a hug. FINALLY, I slept all night and my husband was comfortable/quiet. He said that the product is comfortable and admitted that he "slept like a rock." This was the best purchase ever! I no longer have thoughts of injuring him violently at 2:30am when he wakes me up with his tractor sounds. Really good for people that don't need CPAP after getting a sleep study.