Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleans and Drier

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- Deep & Fast Cleaning: This automatic cleaner can clean and dry the brush in 10-30 seconds. which removes all the foundation, blush color, powder, harmful bacteria that may cause skin problems, keep your brush clean and sanitary.
Spin Design:  Rotated by 360 degrees, easily remove eyeshadow or blush color than washing your brush by hands, in addition, the rotate design can also dry your brush automatically and quickly, convenient for you to use.
Safe & Premium Material: The device uses food grade materials, non-toxic, waterproof, odorless, abrasion resistant. The cleaning bowl is made of the premium material, which made it durable, uneasy to be broken. The stable rotary with small vibration is easy to hold.
Fits Your Brush:  8 different sizes to fit different brushes, suitable for 95% makeup brushes in the market. which means you can clean many brush sets with this automatic brush cleaner.
Three steps to clean: 1. Attach the brush to the spinner. 2. Pour some water and professional cleansing shampoo or soap into the bowl. 3. Dip the brush, spin to clean, raise the brush, spin to dry.


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Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Fit For: All Kinds of Makeup Brushes
Usage: Clean & Dry Makeup Brushes


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I absolutely love this product

bsolutely love this product! It is no problem keeping your make-up brushes clean and dry. I just add 3 drops Dr. Bronner natural soap and water and the cleaner wand spins the brushes in the water spinning out all of the make-up. Then slowly pull out of the water and the spinning instantly dries the brush. It is so cool! No more break outs because you can always have clean brushes. It even washes out the thickest foundation. Love this!
S. Crow
This makes cleaning my makeup brushes so easy! I have kept my brushes clean (for the first time) so they are more sanitary! I love this little gadget!
I ordered this product because the abudance of brushes I have to clean. The product works just like intended with easy assembly. My brushes cleaned well, and dried quickly. It wasn't  medium/larger brushes were perfect!
Leslie Payne
Just got this today! It works as described, I love this thing cuts brush cleaning in half! The brush I use for my illuminater I had to scrub a little bit on my hand held but rinsed it in this device, worked great!
Mel lizard

 Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

I have a lot of makeup brushes and they get dirty and I get lazy to wash them and dry them. This device is awesome. It works so quickly to wash and dry my brushes. Once you stop spinning it they aren’t completely dry but they are almost completely dry where it’s just so easy to clean and put them away. My brushes come out super fluffy too after washing them with this. They are never that fluffy when I hand wash them